Josee Vachon


Rêve de Noël CD cover

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This new CD (2007) is a thank you for all your support and prayers during 2006. After recording Dévotion, many fans requested more. Merci...

1. Dis seulement une parole
      Only Say the Word...I Shall be Healed
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2. De concert avec les anges
       In Concert with Angels
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3. Aimer toujours
       To Love Always
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4. Panis Angelicus
       Bread of Angels
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5. Je crois en Toi
       Nearer my God to Thee
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6. Beau ciel
       Beautiful Heaven
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7. Au sommet des montagnes
       At the Mountains' Summit
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8. Noble et sainte patronne
       St. Anne
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9. Entre Tes mains j'abandonne
       I Surrender All
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10. Doucement, tendrement
      Softly & Tenderly
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11. Chantons Victoire
       Sing Victory
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