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Rêve de Noël CD cover

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In my first holiday recording, I'd like to share with you my fondest memories of Christmas and New Year's Eve at home.

1. Dans cette étable/Les anges dans
    nos campagnes
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2. Venez divin Messie!
      Come Holy Messiah!
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3. Minuit Chrétiens
      O Holy Night
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4. Il es né le Divin Enfant
      The Holy Child is Born
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5. Nouvelle agréable
      Joyful News
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6. Valse de Noël
      Christmas Waltz (P. Joan)
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7. Petit Papa Noël
      Little Father Christmas
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8. Nos vieilles maisons
      Our Old Homestead
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9. C'est comme ça qu'ça s'passe
      That's How It Is
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10. Noël
      (Augusta Holmes)
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