Josée Vachon: Biography

Born in Québec and raised in Maine, Josée Vachon has been sharing her Franco-American upbringing for over 25 years through traditional and contemporary folksongs from Québec and Acadia and through her own compositions.

Though she often entertained at family gatherings, she began singing publicly with the support of the Franco-American Center at the University of Maine, where she discovered others who shared her rich heritage. After receiving her BA in Romance Languages in 1984, she continued to perform, quickly gaining recognition as a new Franco-American voice through early performances at state festivals in Lewiston and Madawaska, ME and at schools and parish soirées.

In 1999 she received the National Culture through the Arts Award from NYSAFLT (New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers) and was inducted in the French-Canadian Hall of Fame Class of 2007 for the American-French Genealogical Society.

Served as a Franco-American ambassadrice, presenting at:

International television appearances include:

Her music was included in:

In July 1993, she co-founded the folk group Chanterelle with award-winning fiddler Donna Hébert ( and singer/guitarist Liza Constable (, often joined by bass and cajun accordion player Alan Bradbury. The group resleased the CDs French in America (1994) and Soirée Chez Nous (1996).

Ms Vachon has 12 solo recordings to her credit, and continues to perform and record the music that best represents her love of Franco-American culture.