Josée Vachon

French Canadian Rhythm & Songs

Chez nous…en casa

Favorite songs from school assembly programs, learned from her French-Canadian family, and from her husband’s Spanish and Latin-American side. Guitar and foot percussion accompaniment, as performed in schools.


1. Frère Jacques / Fray Felipe Rock
(with her children, traditional)


2. Les Champs-Elysées
(P. Delanoé)


3. La destinée las rose au bois


4. Mon oncle Edmond
(Lapointe / Lefebvre)


5. Va mon ami va


6. Quand j’écoute la radio
(Patrick Zabé)


7. Dondaine la ridaine


8. Un Canadien errant


9. Comment ça va
(E. de Heer)


10. Palo Palito


11. Clavelitos


12. Besame morenita
(A. Dalmar)


13. Verde luz
(A. Caban Vale)


14. De colores


15. María Isabel


16. Yo vendo unos ojos negros
(Chilean waltz)


17. Perfidia
(A.E. Otero, A. Dominguez)


18. Adios con el corazón

Chez nous…en casa

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